Luggage Cover - Pop Art Statue of Liberty Design

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Luggage Cover - Medium/ by Periea 

The Periea elasticated luggage cover collection offers protection for your suitcase from scratches during transit, makes it easy to spot your baggage at the airport reclaim and refreshes the exterior of any old suitcases!

The covers slip over the suitcase and are secured and fitted using a clip together strap and a zip, both of which remain hidden under the case.

There are 2 cut-out sections at the top of the luggage cover for access to the top handle and the extendable back handle, plus another cut-out for the side handle. Please note that this side cut-out is on the right side of the case as you look at it from the front.

Our protective luggage covers are made from stretchy, fully machine washable mix of spandex and polyester and are available in three different sizes:

*Medium: Approx. 22-24″ (55-60cm) - We only have medium available now!


  • Scratch proof
  • Dustproof
  • High elastic
  • Machine Washable
  • Durable